TREDA – The driving force behind Telangana’s real estate’s progress

The Telangana Real Estate Developers Association – TREDA which was earlier known as APREDA marked its presence in the year 1995. The association today majorly comprises over 300 members who are renowned builders and developers in the region.

Why does Telangana need TREDA?

In the past few years, TREDA has evolved to be the knight in shining armor for the government. It has played an instrumental role in formulating various policies that are in favor of the real estate developers. TREDA has also helped to establish certain Development Control Rules (DCR) and has proudly pioneered a comprehensive model to aid the general public and the real estate developers in Telangana.

TREDA has also been quite proactive along with the authorities to help rationalize taxes and fees such as stamp duty, registration, service tax, VAT, etc. These measures have benefitted the real estate developers and the stakeholders to a significant extent.

Along with these proactive measures, TREDA has also proven to be an effective marketing channel to real estate developers by organizing various property shows, and influencing vendors and banks to be an integral part of this value chain.

How has the journey for TREDA been?

TREDA has been quite a disseminator of knowledge by carving out a niche for itself in a span of just 15 years.

2011: TREDA delegation visited the Canton Fair in China & it was a landmark in itself

With some of the prominent initiatives taken by TREDA in the due course, here are the few of the initiatives that were taken in knowledge partnership –

2012: Organised a conference on “Real Estate – Accelerating the Growth Story”

2013: Organised a conference on “Staying Ahead in Real Estate – Innovative Construction & Understanding Taxation”

2014: NAREDCO & TREDA organized a Trade Mission to Turkey for Turkey World Trade Bridge / Fair (TWTB) 2014 with a special focus on Construction and Construction Materials, Furniture & Related Machinery

What TREDA means to society?

TREDA has actively been contributing to the welfare of society by building homes for the flood-affected and tsunami hit families whose lives were devastated by the calamities. TREDA also played an influential role in taking up the beautification of both the entrance roads of Hitex and HICC, Hyderabad, ahead of the UN-supported CoP-11 summit. TMR INFRA as a dynamic member of TREDA has been playing its part as an essential element in the growth and development of Hyderabad & Telangana as a newborn state. Being a proud member of TREDA, TMR Group believes that such associations help real estate developers to boost their business and establish an engaging relationship with customers through property shows and many such events.

Shaping the future & the landscape of Hyderabad

Hyderabad as a city is progressing with numerous residential and commercial projects mushrooming in the vicinity. While the rest of India is seeing a QoQ growth of 84% in the sale of residential sector, Hyderabad is the leader on the board in new launches with a staggering rise of 480% QoQ. We can very well say that Hyderabad is shaping up its future along with the landscape of the historic city. Here are a few of the major developments happening in and around Hyderabad.

Construction of Musi River Expressway

In order to restore and give a face-lift to Musi, the Musi Riverfront Development Corporation Ltd (MRDCL) is setting up rain gardens, removing shrubs to reduce the mosquito menace, and clearing silt from the riverbed for a free flow of water from Bapughat to Nagole Bridge. The beautification of 40 lakes in GHMC and HMDA limits were carried out at a cost of `541 crore in Phase I. In the later stages, the project is bound to cover 185 lakes.

Extension of the Metro Rail

The Hyderabad Metro Corridor II, connecting Hyderabad and Secunderabad encompasses a total of 9 junctions, spanning across 11 kilometers. This corridor from Jubilee Bus Station to Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station will cut down on the travel time to about 16 minutes as compared to road travel that takes 45 minutes for daily commuters to cover. It will also stand as a crucial junction linking the existing Metro I (Miyapur-Ameerpet of 13 km) & Metro III (Ameerpet-Nagole of 17 km) corridors.

The Hyderabad Metro Rail which is the world’s largest Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the arena of metro rail, is a landmark project in India that currently witnesses about 4,00,000 daily commuters on an average.

Construction of subways and underpasses

Hyderabad is on the cusp of major transformation as the city gears up to build subways and underpasses in major locations to decongest city traffic. 52 major junctions in the city were identified to develop as signal-free junctions. The said works worth over `3,000 crore were being taken up in the limits of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation under the Strategic Road Development Plan. 

Also, the Government of Telangana has undertaken the Radial Ring Road (RRR) project with an aim to provide better connectivity and plans to extend the existing Ring Roads (Inner/Outer) to 4/6 lanes. 

The proposed 159 km long Outer Ring Road project is said to decongest the traffic snarls around the cities and cover towns such as Patancheru – Shamshabad – Hayathnagar – Medchal – Patancheru. The ORR will also link other National Highways, State Highways, Major District Roads (MDR) and other roads. The Government of Telangana has initiated a new department called Hyderabad Growth Corridor Ltd. (HGCL) to execute and supervise this project.

At TMR Group, we look forward to such developments as it boosts the real estate business in Hyderabad. With our clear title NA plots situated in most of the strategic locations around these developments, the investors and buyers are certainly in for an enormously progressive journey ahead.

What you need to know before relocating

Reasons for relocating to a new place can be many. To make it one of the best moves, one must consider several points that make moving to a new place easy and worthwhile. Here in this blog, we are going to throw some light on aspects that can make you shift swiftly.

Getting Familiar through Research

Shifting to a new place is a toiling task. And living in an unknown place can be more pounding. Before relocating to a new location, one must thoroughly research the surroundings like – stores, malls, medical facilities, connectivity and more. Knowing the existence of such facets can help in more swift functionality when you move into a new space. Such preparation would help you save time and energy and would also help you keep focused on carrying out different essentials.

Measuring the time period

When relocating to a new place, one must chalk out for how long one plans to stay in that particular place. Having that done, it gets easier to plan properly for the given tenure. Having a long-term plan of staying at a place helps you develop a sense of belonging. One can gel with neighbours, try to customise the space, build something new and do so much more. The time period for one’s stay is an essential touchpoint that influences various other factors.

Best time to shift

One must properly assess the best time to shift to a particular home. As it changes the area of your current residence, various other elements play an important role. A new region can have a different climate as compared to the existing space where one is residing. These factors seem very minor but have a great impact on your experience and the lifestyle you would aspire to lead. Studying these touchpoints and then making a move would be more benefitting than just planning at random and trying to execute them.

Cost Estimation

Moving to a new place involves additional cost. Firstly, it’s about assigning packers and movers who can effectively pack all your belongings and transport them to your newly selected home. The process is time-consuming and at times, highly confusing with a lot of things to be shifted and rearranged to a new place. One must map all the costs that would be coming your way when planning to relocate. Also, one has to properly calculate the deposit, maintenance and other such charges. Having a proper map of such essentials, help in carrying out such processes with ease and comfort.

Eliminating the junk

There can be various items which would be of no use at the new place of residence. One must try to do a property tour to the new place and assess what material can stand insignificant there (as mentioned in the earlier blog). Such items should be omitted from transportation in turn saving your time, energy and extra cost it includes. Lack of storage space also can make you throw some items which were a right fit at your previous residence. These items should also be discarded from transportation.

At TMR Group, we make sure all these points are checked. When you visit the site to assess the plot, all the parameters such as location, amenities, cost, etc. are taken care of so that you get a value for money deal and your choice to relocate to a new location is justified. TMR Group offers you a plethora of options to choose from across various prime locations in Hyderabad. So, if you are planning to relocate to the City of Pearls, you better make a gem of a choice.

Property Tours in today’s time

Property tours in today’s time

A property tour is usually done for the purpose of visiting, inspecting, and assessing the property. Property tours help in assessing and authenticating a property in person. There are several benefits of doing a property tour before making a deal. It’s the first and foremost parameter for any kind of property buying and hence it should be considered every time you long for buying any residential or commercial property. In this blog, we are going to have a look at what really makes property tours so significant. 

Helps you compare

While buying any kind of residential or commercial property, one usually considers a variety of other options before locking any particular property. The highly competitive real estate market has a variety of options to offer in a given budget window. Hence, property tours help in assessing a property physically. The size, shape, material used, built and other such aspects can be thoroughly inspected in person when one decides to buy a property. 


A property tour also helps one authenticate the existence of a property at the promised location. It also helps the buyer to know the builder who is offering the property and also helps build a bond of trust between themselves. At times, things differ or are completely different than what is projected in the image or website. Having a property tour makes one eliminate all the doubts and also helps one compare every aspect that is being promised with a particular residential or commercial property. Doing a property tour also helps one see, register construction activity on the project site through which one can also measure or assess the pace, and other details of the project. Also, authenticity in terms of the project’s documentations, are quite necessary to evaluate while you are on a property tour.


You won’t wish for an awful entrance that leads you to a luxurious apartment. Doing a property tour helps you assess every element of the property thoroughly. The roads that lead you to your dream property, the location, the entrance gate of the property, accessibility, surroundings of the property, hurdles, and all such criterions can be rightly scrutinized when one longs to buy a new commercial or residential property. Apart from this, each location/property carries an aura, a vibe that makes you feel at ease or gives you that portion of solace that you would want to cherish for the rest of your lifetime. And to experience such an element, visiting a property in person or to say doing a property tour helps a lot. Call it vibe or vastu, people do believe in the energy that a particular place carries. If the individual believes to own a vastu-compliant project, making sure of it can only happen by visiting the property site personally. 

Virtual Reality (VR)

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Virtual Reality (VR) has received an unprecedented response in the real estate industry. Technologies such as VR are helping developers tap their target audience online and make them experience the property through virtual walkthroughs and more. Property plans are created in 3D are mounted onto a technology platform that helps buyers access is it from any part of the world. Buyers are able to visit properties without even stepping out of their homes. However, VR has certain disadvantages when compared to property tours in physical. VR is developing at a never seen before pace but still has not been able to match what the real experience or real walkthroughs offer. Also, as said, experiencing the vibe of a place is not really possible through virtual reality technology. Attempts are being made to include a wholesome experience for such virtual tours and maybe in the future, these VR tours would get closer to what real property tours offer. 

At TMR Group, we make sure that every individual who visits our property ticks off all the parameters that help them make their buying process simpler. With a wide range of properties ranging from residential to commercial to gated community projects, when people visit TMR Group for property tours, they are in for a ride (pun intended).

Dynamics of land appreciation

Dynamics of land appreciation

Owning a wealth asset is good, but owning a real estate asset is great. Out of various investment options, real estate investment is considered to be the most reliable form of investment. An essential point for this consideration is the security it offers. Over time, land value is set to gain a rise helping you possess an asset that promises returns like no other. In this blog, we are going to have a look at what factors affect land appreciation and such.

Land – The asset of worth

Every year, property rates surge higher owing to high demand and other essential factors. The ever-increasing population in India sets the need for space in terms of residential and commercial, all across the nation. The rise in property rates depends on various factors that influence the upsurge.

 The location of land plays the most vital role in influencing prices. Any property located at a prime destination holds more value and offers more returns as compared to other properties. Property closer to the city makes the land costlier.

Social Infrastructure near any property increases the value of the land. Places like educational institutions, hospitals, sports, and recreation are considered under social infrastructures that add value to everyday lifestyle. And hence, the presence of such things near a land helps gain more value.

Malls, shopping centers, multiplexes, and other entertainment zones also influence property rates. Such factors add more to lifestyle and hence it affects land appreciation. Reselling of such assets also attract heavy returns.

The presence of transportation services like – metro, bus stations, well-constructed roads highly affects the land rates. Everyday commute demands essentials for going to and fro and hence these aspects influence real estate rates. 

Green cover or water bodies like lakes or rivers also influence the property rates. Such natural bodies offer healthful experiences and hence such lands hold significant value. Such properties are usually sued for weekend getaways, farmhouses, or other such factors.

When the government announces construction of new roadways, airports, ports, or other such amenities, people wish to stay closer to such projects which add value to everyday living and hence demand land near such proposed projects go high.

When one plans to buy land as an investment, picking the right property to invest in is the key to getting better returns. Considering these aspects before buying a piece of land would help in making a better deal to buy a home or for wealth growth. At TMR Group, we analyze and choose strategic locations to help our clients acquire nothing but the best. Our plots at prime destinations in Hyderabad are clear title residential plots for you to invest in or buy a home. With several advantages, these plots promise to deliver you the best returns in the future. Connect with TMR Group to start your dream journey and possess an asset of real worth and value.