Swiss County – The Future of Hyderabad Comes to Maheshwaram

The idea behind investments has completely changed since the pandemic. As COVID-19 brought many uncertainties for the future, the entire world began saving their money for the rainy days and spent only when it was of the utmost necessity. There grew a demand for low-risk investment options that gave profitable returns in the long term. Hyderabad has transformed into a lucrative hub for real estate investments owing to the tremendous development in all economic sectors in the city like IT and Pharma. There has been an influx of job optimists from all over the country, raising the demand for real estate. Areas in and around Hyderabad have an amazing potential for development, hence are likely to be profitable over time with minimal risk.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Location

The one factor that gives you the most information about whether your investment would be profitable or not is the location of the respective project. Location dictates the potential for improvement. Deciding over any investment plan usually comes down to how soon the investment would be paid off and what would be the rate of profit. Well, prime spots in the cities have high property prices and minimized scope for improvement due to saturation. The ideal investment locations should be on the outskirts of the city where there’s extraordinary potential for development and are likely to improve sooner than you might think.

Swiss County: Haven for Investments

Swiss County by TMR Group is a fine selection of gated community plots for sale in Hyderabad. It is strategically located in Maheshwaram solely for its vast untapped potential. Maheshwaram is a rapidly growing town located in the Rangareddy district, just in the South of Hyderabad, and is pretty close to Srisailam Highway. It is quite well-connected to other parts of the city owing to the Outer Ring Road and the RGI Airport is 19 Km away. The government has taken initiatives to develop Maheshwaram because of its potential to improve. Since it is in its growing stage, that gives you the perfect opportunity to invest and reap decent benefits in the nearing future.

Swiss County is HMDA and RERA approved. The layout spans over 14 acres with a total number of 194 plots for sale in Hyderabad. The project is well-planned and Vaastu compliant. With 24 hrs security and electricity with street lights, the plots range between 150 and 700 square yards. The project is equipped with underground drainage, an overhead tank, and a water connection for the individual plot. Well-planned layouts with quality construction and amenities are likely to boost the returns on your investment, making Swiss County a haven for investments.

At TMR Group, we prioritize the satisfaction of our customers which is implemented through no compromise in the quality of delivery of the plots for sale in Hyderabad. Our proficient team understands your requirements and guides you through the process while clarifying all of your queries. TMR Swiss County has incredible potential to be fruitful in the near future. Visit to know more about us and our projects. Feel free to contact us!

Full EMI vs. Pre-EMI: What works well?

Since the pandemic, a vast majority of people have started investing in real estate as it shields the future of their families from any uncertainties. The Government has taken noteworthy steps to boost home and property ownership in India. The interest rates of the banks are at an all-time low and are expected to stay the same for another year or so! This has opened a window of opportunity to invest in real estate and cherish the amazing returns as India is predicted to go through inflation soon. Real estate is an amazing asset to hold during inflation. Banks offer flexible EMIs that can be paid off over 30 years in extreme cases. EMIs are an opportunity to pick anything off the shelf without paying for it right away with thorough implications of penalties if delayed.

About Full EMI

Full EMI repayment of a home loan refers to the payment of the principal amount as well as the interest levied on the loan. Installments of the payment begin once the construction of the houseis completed. Some banks also allow the commencement of full EMI payment while the loan amount is being disbursed in stages.

About Pre EMI

Pre-EMI is paid only on the interest rate applicable on the loan. Pre-EMI is paid during the construction of the house and ends once the construction is completed. The amount is lesser as Pre-EMI covers only the interest portion is and the principal amount remains the same. The pre-EMI period is not part of the loan tenure and commences once the phase of pre-EMI ends.

Differences between Full EMI and Pre-EMI

  • After opting for the full EMI, borrowers can seek disbursal of the entire loan amount
  • After opting for the Pre-EMI, the loan amount is disbursed partially
  • The EMI amount paid at the beginning of the full EMI is higher as the installment covers the principal amount and the interest
  • The EMI paid, in the beginning, is much lower in the case of pre-EMIs because it only covers the interest on the disbursed portion of the loan
  • Full EMI interest rates are calculated as per the entire principal amount
  • Pre EMI interest rate is calculated as per the disbursed loan amounts

At TMR Group, we aim to provide great investment opportunities with brilliantly developed plots in Hyderabad. Our remarkable customer executives have excellent communication skills and grasp the depths of your requirements. Our well-planned projects are placed in strategically handpicked locations that hold great potential to boost your ROIs. Visit to know more about us and our work.