TMR Booming:Hyderabad Home prices on a high with booming tech salaries!

Google this year announced plans to build its largest campus outside the Mountain View headquarters in the Pearl City of Hyderabad. But it’s not the only one. Hyderabad is also home to giants Amazon, Microsoft, and thousands of other tech companies, unicorns, and start-ups. In just 2021, the city added 2,250 tech start-ups and 42 unicorns to its ecosystem. So let us first understand what has brought about this bloom in the city.

Ever since the formation of Telangana, its state government has undertaken various initiatives and passed several laws to promote IT development and foreign investment in the state. These measures include the HITEC City (Hyderabad Information Technology and Engineering Consultancy City) to boost information technology, engineering, health informatics, and bioinformatics in Hyderabad, the Start-up Telangana portal to promote start-ups, MoUs with Microsoft and Google to develop the local ecosystem and accelerate sustainable economic development in the city.

Evidently, the booming IT sector and employment opportunities have resulted in a rise in the incomes of households in the state. With increased hiring and hefty pay by Info Techs and start-ups, the economy is booming like never before. As a result, Hyderabad has been ranked second in the country in terms of salaries drawn. The Salary Trends Report 2021 suggests that the average salary in Hyderabad for junior level (0-5 years of experience) stands at Rs. 5.93 lakh per annum, and for mid-level (6-14 years of experience), the salary is Rs. 17.71 lakh per annum.

Simply put, these paychecks are fuelling the demand for residential properties in the land of Nawabs like never before. The Telangana government’s Municipal Administration & Urban Development (MA & UD) report states, “The city’s residential market has emerged as the ‘best performer’ compared to other metros in terms of the property price to income ratio.”

Another report by Mercer has rated Hyderabad as the best city in India in the “Quality of Living Index” for six years consecutively. It remains number one in the purchasing power index, safety index, healthcare index, cost of living index, property price to income ratio index, traffic commute time index, pollution index, and climate index.

Constant efforts by the government have ensured that the city fares well on all parameters when it comes to lifestyle and living. The state Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao had mentioned earlier this year that the government aims to make Hyderabad one of the top 30 cities to live in globally. . “We are not competing with any other city in India – our aim is to put Hyderabad among the top 30 cities in the world so far as quality of life and economic competitiveness is concerned,” he said.

Hyderabad has not seen a single year of decline in average price per square foot since its inception in 2014. Veera Babu, the Managing Director of Hyderabad & East India, Cushman and Wakefield, a global commercial real estate services firm, credits this boom in the residential market to employment generation in the city.

Hyderabad’s residential market comprises four major districts — Hyderabad, Medchal-Malkajgiri, Rangareddy, and Sangareddy. Of them, Medchal-Malkajgiri has recorded the highest home sales, with a share of 44% till April 2022. These increasing numbers continue to highlight the state’s growth and the rising opportunities for success in the state.

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TMR: RERA & homebuyers: A long road ahead!

We all dream of owning a house one day and then often spend a lifetime earning and saving to make it come true. To put your entire hard-earned money into something uncertain is really scary. Several questions pop up in our minds when we decide on finally buying a home. Right from the location and setting of the residence, to the credibility of the developer. Top it with arrangements for capital, EMIs, thoughts of delays in the project, or worst-case scenario, it getting failed, and we have the perfect recipe for stress.

Until a few years ago, home-buying was riskier than today. Cases of developers leaving projects halfway, duping buyers and the lack of legislation in place were a common sight. This is when RERA came into the picture. 

What is RERA?

At its heart, the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, (RERA) was passed by the Indian parliament to protect the interests of home buyers. Alongside, it brought a ray of hope for the real estate sector. It was established to address the problems of home buyers and regulate the real estate sector. The act makes RERA registration mandatory for every building that has more than 8 units or land under development measuring more than 500 sq.m. The code aims to create a favourable market and bring transparency in transactions between property sellers and buyers in the primary market.

Objectives of RERA

  • Maintain transparency in the process of the transaction, and bring down scams and fraud
  • Bring a standard PAN-India code for real estate
  • Bring a sense of responsibility for both buyers and sellers
  • To enhance confidence among investors and in turn the credibility of the real estate sector

Telangana State Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Rules, 2017

When the parliament passed RERA in 2016, it mandated every state and union territory to form its own regulating body and frame rules to govern the functioning of the sector in their region. Therefore, Telangana State brought the RERA rules into action in 2017. Known as the Telangana State Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Rules, 2017 these apply to all real estate projects, whose building permissions were approved by the authorities on or after January 1, 2017. Alongside, the TSRERA provides many services for home buyers, developers and real estate agents. With this, the authority aims to promote the ease of doing business in the state.

Rights of home buyers under RERA, 2016

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, lays down certain rights for home buyers. These include:

Right to obtain project information: Every buyer or allottee has the right to obtain information about the project in question, its sanctioned plans, layouts, RERA registration number and other specifications.

Right to know about project completion and schedules: Buyers and allottees have the right to know about the stage-wise project completion, and provisions by the developer for sanitation, electricity, and all other amenities mentioned in the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Right to claim possession: A buyer or allottee has the right to claim possession over the property and other amenities when the formalities are complete and remuneration paid. Along with this, they also have the right to claim their documents when handed possession of the property, including the layouts and plans for common areas.

Right to refund: If the developer fails to comply with the terms of the agreement or is unable to hand over possession in tune with the terms of the agreement, the buyer has the right to claim interest and compensation from the developer.

Impact of RERA

The implementation of RERA has had a positive impact on the real estate sector across the country. It has revived the confidence of home buyers and this field continues to thrive with investments even in the post-covid era. Cases of fraud and scams have witnessed a massive fall. With RERA in place, a developer cannot demand more than 10% of the total project cost as advance and application fees. This has saved buyers the stress of having to accumulate unfair amounts of capital in haste.  Developers also have to quote the exact carpet area in all agreements, which helps a buyer understand the exact area and expenses.

RERA, with its implementation, has boosted transparency in real estate and revived the sector. At TMR Infra, we believe in maintaining transparency in all our transactions. Our beliefs and quality have helped us build a community of thousands of happy customers in Hyderabad. Become a part of our 50-acre gated community, in the land of the future at Chegunta, just 30 minutes away from the Medchal highway. To know more about us and other projects, visit