Invest in Hyderabad now to reap great returns in the future

Invest in Hyderabad now to reap great returns in the future

Real estate investment is one of the most dependable methods of securing your financial future and more often than not, it is done from the perspective of earning a profit or creating a legacy for the family. There are several factors which influence the decision when it comes to property buying. Despite that, the growth factor of a city is always a benchmark to look out while investing in land in the city.

One such city that comes out on the top in investors’ lists is the cyber-capital of India, Hyderabad. Hyderabad offers numerous advantages that work in its favour. If recent reports are to be believed as any indication of the things to come (and they are), Hyderabad would be the third fastest growing city in Asia after Bengaluru and Ho Chi Minh City. While the conventional main areas of Hyderabad may be a little congested for new investors, the fast-developing fringe areas and outskirts of the city are ripe for taking and poised for growth. Let’s look at some of the reasons why Hyderabad should be your first choice when it comes to prime investment in land:

Phenomenal infrastructure in the pipeline:

Whether it is the Outer Ring Road or the upcoming Hyderabad Metro’s green line corridor, you as the investor can rest assured that the city promises excellent infrastructure for national as well as global corporations to spread their wings. With large pharma and IT enterprises from all across the globe already settled over here, there is a large impetus for industries that are looking to shift post the worldwide pandemic and lockdown caused by Coronavirus.

Potential for workspaces of the future:

With a diverse and far-reaching set of areas connected, the potential to create futuristic workspaces is simply undeniable.  Lower occupancy costs and helpful government initiatives and encouraging brands across a wide range of sectors to put their roots down firmly in Hyderabad. The city is steadily transforming itself into a powerhouse of trade and commerce. More often than not, these futuristic office zones and complexes of MNCs will be located a little away from the city due to the availability of larger tracts of land at cheaper rates. Buying plots in such areas will prove to be highly profitable in the future.

Land regulations that boost transparency:

Before now, buying plots used to susceptible to fraudulent practices and transparency issues. But potential investors can rest assured that those days are thankfully long gone. Under the 2019 Municipalities Act, the authorities are entitled to ask the registration department to not register open plots in illegal layouts. That is why you, as a buyer must always opt for clear title open plots from developers who only build according to the government approved layout. Trusted developers such as TMR Group provide complete transparency and develop only according to the HDMA approved layout, or wherever applicable, DTCP approved layout.

TMR Group has a rich legacy of land development in Hyderabad, with 16 years of core expertise in plotting projects. A trusted plots developer with a long history of customer satisfaction, TMR only offers clear title gated community open residential plots for sale. The plotting projects are built on thoughtfully chosen locations across Hyderabad and Telangana to increase the potential for high returns on affordable investment. Furthermore, TMR Group is among the few leading developers that always offer plots with transparent documentation and government approved layouts. Choose TMR Group to secure your future with the right investment in land!

Does location play an important role in buying a plot?

Does location play an important role in buying a plot?

Buying a plot and investing in land can be seen as the culmination of one’s dreams of creating a legacy for the future generations. In addition to being an important asset that adds to our finances, a plot gives us a great holiday home for the entire family to experience peace and serenity in. Hyderabad is steadily transforming itself into a powerhouse of trade and commerce, constantly pushing its boundaries and redefining the suburbs. As the city expands, it is creating a wide range of opportunities for investing in land in the peripheral regions of Hyderabad and Telangana. As new places are opening up for investment, the question arises – does location play an important role in buying a plot? The answer is YES of course! Let’s look at some of the important reasons why choosing the right location plays such a crucial role.

Easy accessibility:

Buying a plot is done from the perspective of building a financial asset. But investing in land needs careful consideration of several factors which may affect the value of your investment. One of these factors is accessibility. It is true that most of the plotting projects are located in the outskirts of the main city where land is easily available at affordable rates. But does the location and the land that you wish to invest in have the right transportation facilities to and from the city? A lack of good transportation facilities can create a lot of difficulties in the future. The plot that you invest in should provide easy access to the bus and railway station nearby. Additionally, it should also be connected to the important main roads so that travelling to these plots isn’t an issue.

Proper infrastructure:

The location that you choose to invest in should be equipped with all the infrastructural facilities required for a modern lifestyle. A dependable supply of water and electricity are a must as we cannot imagine a life without them in this day and age. Other pre-requisites for good infrastructure include paved roads, the existence of schools and colleges i.e. educational institutions, or at least the possibility of them being built in the future, medical facilities nearby, shops and convenience stores – the list goes on! It is acceptable even if these infrastructural facilities are in their developmental stages, as this shows that there is potential for progress.

Commercial zones:

The location that you decide upon should also be situated such that they provide unhindered access to commercial or business hubs of importance. This is important because you may wish to live in the plot that you have bought or even rent it out for additional income. In such a scenario, there should be an availability of work opportunities to look forward to. This helps your plot gain more value and proximity to business or commercial zones also increases the scope for growth and development.

Due to these aforementioned factors, location proves to be one of the most important aspects that will decide the appreciation of your plot in the future and the ROI that you will earn from it. If you looking for a gated community open residential plot to invest in, TMR Group offers a wide variety of upcoming locations that hot the potential for great returns on minimum investment. With RERA approved plots for sale, TMR has earned the trust of its consumers over the past 16 years and has maintained consistent transparency to become one of the most reliable real estate developers in Hyderabad.