All about property and land registration in Hyderabad

All about property and land registration in Hyderabad

Finding a piece of land to build your forever home is usually a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The factors dictating the consideration of the right land implies that it’s characteristics that suit your needs and your budget. Sometimes the method can become complex and improper information or advice can cause people to settle on the foremost convenient options. Also, you want to take under consideration all the legal conditions to avoid future disputes. The property registration refers to the legal recording of all documents as it infers the changes in the ownership and the other procedures required during the transaction of a plot.

Before purchasing the land, it is necessary to register all the documents which guarantee the legal ownership title to your property. The registration of land protects you from future disputes and frauds and helps you to possess an updated public record. However, the land registration process and charges vary from one state to a different state.

Land Rates in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has transformed into the second largest IT sector in India over the past few years and this has led to the development of a ton of economic opportunities which further has an impact on the rate of land in Hyderabad. The rates are usually higher in the busier areas of the city.

  • Kondapur – Ranges from ₹389-₹66,288 with an average being ₹31,915
  • Shadnagar – Ranges from ₹104-₹44,375with average being ₹42,322
  • Gachibowli – Ranges from ₹240-₹78,125with average being ₹35,728
  • Shamshabad – Ranges from₹111-₹45,459 with an average being ₹40,234
Registration Process of Land in Hyderabad

The buyer can visit the location to look at the land and discuss the worth of the property. After the oral agreement, both the vendor and buyer should need to record the agreement within the sort of documentation. The buyer must register online by uploading all the documents on the portal before booking a timeslot for the sub-registrar’s office for the formal registration. The agreement documents need to be made with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer for secure authenticity. Once the document is completed, you would like to pay the stamp tax counting on the state. Next, execute your sale agreement and register an equivalent within the Sub-registrar of assurance’s office by submitting all the related documents. Finally, the mutation of the property wiped out revenue records by visiting the local municipal authorities. With the authentication of these documents at the SRO and completing the other formalities, you will be able to register your land in Hyderabad.

The required documents are:

  • Original signed documents
  • Demand draft of the stamp duty
  • Property card, PAN card, Aadhar card
  • Identity proof of the respective buyers, sellers and witnesses
  • Power of attorney
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Photograph of the property

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All About Foreclosures

All About Foreclosures

Foreclosure is usually the ultimate step after a lengthy pre-foreclosure process. It is a lawful procedure by which a lender attempts to recover the money owed on a defaulted loan by taking ownership of and selling the mortgaged property. Typically, default is triggered when a borrower misses a selected number of monthly payments, but it also can happen when the borrower fails to satisfy other terms within the mortgage document.

The foreclosure process attains its legal basis from mortgages which allow the lender to use a property as collateral just in case the borrower fails to uphold the terms of the mortgage document. The process varies from state to state; the pre-foreclosure process generally begins when a borrower misses a minimum of one mortgage payment and receives a payment notice from the lender. If the borrower misses two payments, then a requirement letter is sent by the lender. This is more serious than a missed payment notice, but the lender may still be willing to allow the borrower to catch up on the missed payments in due time.

A final notice of default is sent by the lender after 90 days of missed payments and the loan then is handed over to the lender’s foreclosure department. Therefore, the borrower typically has only another 90 days to settle the payments and reinstate the loan and at the end of this period the foreclosure begins.

Rate of foreclosure in today’s real estate scenario

Before the pandemic, foreclosure rates all over the world were at their all-time low but ever since the situation has taken a turn for the worst. The current world scenario looks bleak, as there’s been a wave of job cutting in sectors like aviation, travel, hospitality, real estate, retail, manufacturing and automotive are worse affected and the employees over there would face job losses making it difficult for most people to catch up with their EMI’s on various loans like home loan leading to an increase in the number of house foreclosures. Even with a safe estimation of a lockdown just one quarter, leading to 15-20% job losses and salary cut of 30-40% of the workforce, the impact would be severe with at least half of the working population that buys homes. The real estate sector is currently experiencing almost 65% payment default from customers paying the installments linked to construction as many customers have requested the developers for an allowance to delay the payments due to facing liquidity crunch because of the lockdown so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to suggest that foreclosure activity might also double, under normal circumstances of course.

Importance of Foreclosure

Foreclosed properties are quite easily accessible on banks’ websites and often indicate a good reason for their lower price, they may look poorly maintained, or perhaps there’s a major necessary repair that isn’t so obvious. But while foreclosed properties do require a touch more work, they will also offer a way higher return on investment. If a property doesn’t sell at a bank foreclosure sale auction or it never went through one, the lenders take ownership of the property and may add it to an accumulated portfolio of foreclosed properties.

Foreclosed bank properties can be attractive to real estate investors because in some cases, banks sell them at a discount to their market value, which of course, in turn, negatively affects the lender and so the lenders may offer different alternatives to avoid foreclosure, many of which can mediate a foreclosure’s negative consequences for both the buyer and the seller.

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What is the future of SEZ in Hyderabad

What is the future of SEZ in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad has transformed into a massive IT investment hub and both central and state governments are playing a crucial role in making Hyderabad the next IT hub by providing all the necessary resources, and support for the evolution of the IT industry.

It is among the major global centres of information technology for which it is known as Cyberabad (Cyber City). It includes the IT-enabled services, Office parks, business process outsourcing, entertainment industries, and financial services. It has a huge talent pool of IT, BT and R&D resources, which are essential inputs for the growth of any knowledge hub. It also has one of the most cost-effective commercial real-estate prices, making it a particularly attractive business destination and offshore centre. It also features a very progressive bureaucracy and has industry and IT policies that are among the simplest within the country.

How does SEZ impact the Hyderabad market?

Special Economic Zones are crucial for generating additional economic activity as well as for the promotion of exports of goods and services. They are also an opportunity to create large-scale employment and lead to the development of infrastructural facilities. Simultaneously, SEZs provide an opportunity for promotion and increment of investments from local and foreign sources.

The development of SEZs promoted several US-based companies to establish their operations in Hyderabad. Major US-based IT companies like Microsoft, Google, Motorola, Oracle, Yahoo, Samsung, HP,, Texas Instruments, GE, Qualcomm, Facebook and many more are in Hyderabad. Also, the major IT services firms of India like TCS, Wipro, HCL, Tech Mahindra and Cognizant have development centres in the city.

With the inauguration of the largest incubation centre for start-ups in Hyderabad called – T hub, where people can walk in with an idea and walk out with a product or a solution promoting entrepreneurship in the state, linking, educating and promoting all entrepreneurship-related stakeholders. The cost and time for opening up a start-up in Hyderabad are by far the most favourable across India.

SEZ statistics of Hyderabad

Hyderabad has several compatible factors to further fuel the growth in the IT sector. It has earned a worldwide reputation as a cosmopolitan city that’s known for its assimilative cultural ethos. Global e-commerce firm Amazon chose Hyderabad as the home for its largest warehouse in the world. Uber is setting up a state-of-the-art facility in Hyderabad, which will eventually be its largest international office with an investment of 49 Million USD. A joint venture of Boeing and Tata established an Aerospace facility in Hyderabad.

The IT exports from Hyderabad stood second in the country at 15 Billion USD in the Financial year 2019-20 improving from previous year $14 Billion USD 17.93% CAGR in Financial year 2018–19

The state also contributes nearly one-third to India’s production and one-fifth to its exports within the pharmaceutical sector. As a pharma and life sciences hub, Hyderabad is predicted to grow up to 100 Billion USD business generator by 2030, up from 13 Billion USD now.

It is visible that Hyderabad is assured to grow on account of several favourable factors for IT growth and it’s nothing but a matter of time before Hyderabad challenges the conventional IT Hubs of India as well as the world.

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Hyderabad Master Plan 2031

Hyderabad Master Plan 2031

Hyderabad can easily be counted among the foremost promising residential and commercial hubs in India, due to the unprecedented growth it’s registered in both areas. Despite an overall slowdown in commercial and residential segments in India, the City of Nawabs has acted as an exception, even within the Coronavirus-hit year 2020. This growth trend could easily be attributed to the right planning of the town.

With a vision to establish Hyderabad as one of the fastest-growing cities in Asia, the Telangana government plans to upgrade the Hyderabad master plan and take up laying of roads as per the amended plan.

In fact, consistent with the government, over Rs. 8,000 crores were spent, to make better infrastructure facilities in Hyderabad, over the past six years. This has been helpful because the city has been ranked among the fastest-growing cities in India. Mercer has continuously ranked Hyderabad because the top city on its ‘Liveability Index’ for the last five years.

As more roads are developed, to link various parts of the town within and out of doors, their specifications must be put in situ, keeping in sight the tremendous increase in traffic. Since the plan acts as a blueprint for the general development of the town, it’s important to know the key provisions of the Hyderabad plan.

Latest Developments in Hyderabad

The infrastructure and connectivity of Hyderabad have evolved exponentially over the past 10 years. Improvement in the framework of the city has made a significant impact in the favor of real-estate as well as other businesses making it an ideal spot for local and foreign investments.

The important factor to think about before making the investment is, the incontrovertible fact that Hyderabad is that the centre of upgraded residential infrastructure, less expensive housing and upcoming possibilities within the housing and industrial sectors. Hyderabad has an 8.47% GDP growth and it now holds second place among metropolitan cities in India. It is just marginally behind Bengaluru and will become favourite since the projections are on a time-series trajectory, and Hyderabad’s actual growth has been geometrically exponential. In a few years, Hyderabad’s GDP will cross that of other cities because the government has big plans to spice up infrastructure between the Outer bypass and therefore the proposed Regional Ring Road. Hyderabad is also celebrated for its wealthy culture, appropriate general of residing and happening social life. Hyderabad is now acknowledged globally due to the heightened political balance and therefore the authorities’ recognition at the event resulting in big-leagues like Deloitte, Accenture, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Amazon, Apple, then forth are simply among the few pan-India and global significant businesses which have their workplaces here.

Master Plan Highlights

The total expanse of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority is around 7,230 sq. kms. The control of the authority extends up to 57 mandals located in five districts, including Nalgonda, Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Mahbubnagar, Medak and includes the areas covered by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, the Sangareddy and Bhongir Municipalities and 850 villages.

A total of seven master plans are notified and are effective for the world under the Authority.

The plan covers a neighbourhood of around 5,970 sq. kms which consists of:

  • An extended area of 5,020 sq. kms.
  • Areas covered by the Outer bypass Growth Corridor
  • Areas covered by a part of the erstwhile HUDA area, outside the Outer bypass Growth Corridor
  • Portions covered by the Hyderabad Airport Development Authority (HADA) plan, outside the Outer bypass Growth Corridor
  • Areas covered by the plan for Bhongir
  • Areas covered by the plan for Sangareddy

At TMR Group, we wish to cater to all our customers, investors, and stakeholders alike who wish to be a part of the future, with NA plots in Hyderabad and other prominent locations that are investment hubs. The Master Plan for the next decade might be already chalked out, but it is up to us to collectively contribute to it and ensure that the dream is translated into reality. Check out our website to know more about the projects that you can invest in and be an instrumental part of the city’s growth and success story.

All about Real Estate Agent Commissions in India

All about Real Estate Agent Commissions in India

Real-estate agents or property agents are licensed professionals who facilitate purchases or rent real estate options like land, houses, industrial properties, etc. They surpass in knowledge about their various field and square measures capable of providing the simplest potential choices keeping in line with the necessities of their respective customers and they are compensated with a commission on the deal made.

Their tasks include:

  • Communicating with clients and potential clients
  • Analysis and assessment of current and potential listings
  • Schedule appointments, site meetings, and consumer conferences
  • Updating consumer databases and analyze listings to come up with comparative marketing research reports
  • Generation of leads

Market share of Real Estate & its Contribution to GDP

The real estate sector is one of the foremost globally recognized sectors. It is expected that this sector can incur additional Non-Resident Indian (NRI) investment, each within the short-term and therefore the future.

By 2040, the property market can grow to Rs. 65,000 crore large integer from Rs. 12,000 crores in 2019. The property sector in India is anticipated to achieve a market size of 1 trillion USD by 2030 from 120 billion USD in 2017 and contribute 13% to the country’s GDP by 2025. Retail, cordial reception, and industrial property also are growing considerably, providing the much-needed infrastructure for India’s growing wants. Indian property accrued by 18.5% CAGR from 2017 to 2028. Real estate attracted around Rs. 43,780 crores in investment in 2019. Real-estate attracted around 14 billion USD from a foreign letter between 2015 and 2019.

According to the information discharged by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal national Trading policy (DPIIT), construction is that the third-largest sector in terms of FDI flow. FDI within the sector (including construction development and construction activities) stood at 42 billion USD between April 2000 and Sept 2020. The growing flow of FDI in Indian property is encouraging accrued transparency. Developers, so as to draw in funding, have revamped their accounting and management systems to satisfy due diligence standards. Indian real estate business is anticipated to draw in a considerable quantity of FDI within the next 2 years with an 8 billion USD capital infusion by 2022.

Commission rates of real estate agents in India

Real property marketers receive a commission in the form of fee. Property dealer commission charges can range from one suburb to another. The commission is the same old primarily based totally income approach used traditionally in actual property. It takes a sturdy skillet to barter the quality feasible charge on your house and this talent set is advanced via an actual property agent’s experience, sound expertise of the marketplace and ardour for the industry.

Real-estate agent commission percentage normally ranges between 1% and 5% of the average sale charge and of course, even as the fee is a vital component while thinking about your preference of agent. Top real estate agents charge about 3%-5%, the broker’s commission on house sale is simply a small piece of the larger actual property puzzle. A few different vital elements to bear in mind while deciding on an agent are matters just like the agent’s experience, achievement rate, negotiation abilities and their strategic method to advertising within the virtual age. It’s a great concept to bear in mind those elements on the pinnacle of fee charge. The realtor commission is often divided if the agents have brokers working for them.

TMR Group believes in delivering quality projects every time. That’s why our channel partners work day in and day out to ensure that the trust and reliability that customers have entrusted in us, are never compromised. With our wide network of real estate agents, we ensure you get the best NA plots in Hyderabad. Visit to choose from a plethora of clear title plots in Shadnagar, Maheshwaram, Chegunta, Yadgirigutta, Kothur & Shamirpet.