MNCs have a sweet tooth for land parcels in Hyderabad!

Investment scenes in the Land of the Nawabs are seeing a sudden uptick. Hyderabad has once again become the hotspot for investors and the trend is set to go upwards in the future. Though the second and third waves impacted the real estate industry, along with other industries, the businesses have bounced back and how! They have been recovering from the losses and making it up with a phenomenal speed. The investment in the pharma sector especially is getting much notice as compared to other industries in Hyderabad. Why is that? The article sheds some light on the reason why companies have suddenly gotten a sweet tooth for land parcels in Hyderabad.

Prescription for Growth

The pharmaceutical industry in India has witnessed a double-digit growth of about 15% last year, thanks to the increasing demand for COVID-19 products. This has resulted in pharma companies looking to expand their business and set up new facilities.

That has given rise to the growing demand for agricultural land and the prices have gone up by 40-80% in the last couple of years, while residential plots in the core areas have seen an upward trend of 50% price appreciation. However, even the government auction has seen interest from pharmaceutical companies. Hyderabad has also witnessed some of the big pharma players investing in setting up research and development units.

A Window of Opportunity

Tech-giant, Microsoft recently made rounds in the news for planning to establish its largest and fourth data centre in India at Hyderabad. An investment worth INR 15,000 crore that would span across 15 years, has been proposed.

While the investment in the data centre is worth INR 15,000 crore, the company has acquired three land parcels worth INR 275 crore. The land parcel acquired in Makeguda is about 22 acres and INR 40 crore, 41 acres in Shadnagar worth INR 164 crore, and 52 acres in Chandenvelly worth INR 72 crore.

The new data centre in Hyderabad is set to deliver advanced data security and cloud solutions to boost enterprises, startups, real estate developers, the education sector and government institutions.

In recent news, in the state of Telangana, which was affected by the pandemic, the government decided to auction unutilized land parcels and mobilize funds for the development of the state. Telangana had lost about INR 50,000 crore in the first wave and another INR 3,000 to 4,000 crore in the second wave along with pending arrears from the centre.

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Ways to avoid “House Flipping”

Owning a property can be a tricky affair. With the number of documentation processes, legal processes and property-related processes, a commoner is bound to end up being confused about the overall phenomenon. It’s not only related to an individual who is interested in buying a property, but it also happens with most of the investors who tend to make some of the most common mistakes while buying a property. One of those common mistakes is “House Flipping”. No, it doesn’t mean the individual flip the house upside down. That would be a literal translation of the phrase.

Decoding the term ‘House Flipping’ for a layman would be – buying a property with an intention to resell and make profits, and not for personal use. This article would tell you how one can avoid those mistakes of ‘House Flipping’.

Avoid paying too much money for the materials: While we feel that contractors do not use the money paid to them for buying quality materials, you end up buying them yourselves without having a proper understanding of the details about the materials. This results in excessive expenses.

Avoid buying a super-expensive property: We might feel that buying an expensive property would fetch us even bigger returns, but there are too many variable factors that need to be considered and this move can backfire critically.

Avoid buying a property that you are not well aware of: If you are not well-versed with the location, with the developer or the audience profile of that particular place, it is best to leave it to the experts or consult one before buying. Jumping into the dark can only leave you either feeling adventurous or in a loss.

Avoid adding cheap properties to your cart: Assuming that properties that are cheap or inexpensive always end up burning more holes in your pocket than actually expensive ones. Usually, inexpensive properties cost less because of several factors such as the size of the property, developer (if they are new in the market), competitive pricing to penetrate the market and so on. Such decisions on buying property need to be made wisely.

Avoid paying for extra help: Sometimes we feel that we need to consult more than one expert if we are buying a property that has a huge potential for returns. We add consultants, brokers, resale property owners and so on. The phrase – too many cooks spoil the broth, holds well in this condition.

To avoid common mistakes of ‘House Flipping’ like these, one can often approach an expert in the business and stick to one who is reliable, trustworthy and has a deep understanding of the know-how in the industry.

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