Hyderabad: The Top Destination for office real estate sector.

The city of Hyderabad is known for beautiful pearl jewellery and aromatic Dum biryani, and in recent times the IT sector in the Hyderabad. No doubt, the investment in the IT sector has been a boon. For this place has become a hub for many job seekers. The constant encouragement for start-ups by initiatives like V-hub and T-hub has been a source of encouragement to young adults.

In the 1950s when the city started developing, industries such as DRDO, BHEL, HAL, and BEL paved their way for opportunities and expansion. By the 70s though, Pharma and electronic industries were established. However, the 90s experienced a change with a launch of IT industry. It is observed by experts that in the financial year 2023, Hyderabad may surpass Bengaluru in becoming the most preferred city for establishment of various companies.

Firms like Google, Apple, and Amazon have their biggest offices in the city. It is also home to thousands of startups across tech, space and pharmaceuticals. Interestingly, Hyderabad is also the Pharma capital of the country. Brands like Dr. Reddys, Aurobindo, Mankind Pharma Ltd. etc. all have their headquarters here.

The government has constantly undertaken initiatives to expand the city, by giving a boost to both real estate and start-ups. This has contributed to a hand-in-hand growth in development of Hyderabad.

The growth of industries in the city has also sparked interest in the area of development of the commercial estate. Developers are creating larger office spaces for multi-national companies and simultaneously establishing co-working spaces for start-ups, to cater to a large audience base.

According to recent reports on commercial estates, Hyderabad has offered the highest office spaces in India with accordance to 2022-2023. At the end of the quarter, it contributed a whooping 31% share in comparison to the other seven states.

It is also observed that Hyderabad’s real estate witnessed a growth of a massive 19 % growth in sales volume with over 8000+ units being sold in the first quarter of 2023.

Looking at the pace at which Hyderabad is growing, commercial and residential areas are having massive potential to expand especially in the regions that has companies established. At the same time, companies are emphasising on the work from office and hybrid working models. This has also in certain ways fuelled the demand for both commercial and residential real estate in the city.

The global recession has slowed down the growth of many industries across countries. But there’s no denying that the picture for real estate in Hyderabad was different.

An investment in land in Hyderabad, in areas like Medchal or Maheshwaram near the industrial belts of the city, will pay off generously in the future. TMR Green Meadows at Chegunta, 30 minutes away from Medchal and TMR Swiss County at Maheshwaram, mark the perfect investment opportunity for a thriving future.

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The State of Affordable Housing Market in Telangana!

The quest for a house in Hyderabad has pushed many white collared employees to the city’s outskirts recently. The local developers describe these outskirts and suburbs as “Hyderabad’s growing residential pocket.” These localities have many under-construction residential projects, which promise everything buyers like; spacious homes within desired ticket size, with a gym, multipurpose hall, club house, swimming pool, and the rest.

But these luxuries all come at a cost: The affordable housing section of Hyderabad, all are located at least 30 km away from the Hi-Tec City’s belt. Here’s why.

Developers have shifted their focus to bigger, luxurious homes; especially after the pandemic. They are only launching mega ventures which come with a base tag of around Rs 1.5 crore in the city centres.

With the pool of affordable homes shrinking rapidly, mid-segment buyers in metropolitans like Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru, and even Chennai are pushed to the periphery. This is a phenomenon labelled as the ‘Mumbai-fication’ of Indian cities  by industry experts.

According to a recent report released by market researchers, the share of affordable housing across the top seven Indian cities dropped to 20% during the first quarter of 2023. From the total 1.14 lakh units sold in this period, affordable housing comprised approximately 23000 units. This share was close to 40% a few years ago.

An annual proprietary study released in 2022 had also quoted Hyderabad as the most expensive city after Mumbai. The study noted that the home buying affordability level in the city has declined since 2021.

This leaves the IT and pharma professionals with average paychecks, with no other option but to opt for affordable homes. However, houses in the Rs 50 lakh-60 lakh bracket are at least 30-40 km away from city centres. Hence they are also often left in the dilemma to either commute for hours both ways or pay a fortune towards rent to stay in the city.

On a pan-India basis, affordability  of homes worsened marginally for the first time in 10 years in 2022. Affordability levels had improved even during the pandemic-impacted years of, as the government had aggressively cut policy rates to increase liquidity in the highly stressed economic environment.

Real- estate experts believe that once again the government can play an instrumental role in this. They believe that the solution to this disparity in the realty market lies in revising government policies. The need of the hour is for the state machinery to play the  role of a balancer, and not drive up land prices and make them unaffordable to people.

Despite the rise in home prices, home affordability has only marginally reduced in major cities of the country. The reduced affordability index has also been cushioned by a rise in incomes and growths in GDP. This augurs well for the industry and will help the residential market maintain its momentum.

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Hyderabad: A hotspot for open plots!

The demand for housing in Hyderabad stands witness to the growth of this city. With incentives and initiatives by the state of Telangana to boost the economy, the iconic city is now thriving as one of the biggest IT hubs in the country. Excellent standard of living across all parameters, opportunities for growth and secure investments has made it the choice of residence for young and old alike.

The major reasons behind the growth of the Hyderabad real estate market include infrastructure development projects undertaken by the Telangana state government and investor friendly policies. Several companies are expanding their operations in the city, including international giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and the rest. Several skilled professionals therefore are migrating to Hyderabad for better work opportunities and making this city their home. Hyderabad is today one of the top destinations for realty investments in the country.

A recent study has highlighted that southern cities are leading the demand for residential plots in the country. Notably, Hyderabad has witnessed the maximum price appreciation in plots.  The demand for plots and independent floors has significantly strengthened after the COVID-19 pandemic. Residential land is also believed to be a better investment option than buying a flat in apartment. Reports say that plots have generated higher capital returns in India. Experts say that one of the reasons for this demand could be the limited supply of plots in big cities because of paucity of large land parcels in the urban centres like Hyderabad.

Home buyers today are looking for either high configuration homes or private lands to build a home that’s customised to suit their needs. The continuance of Work From Home (WFH) policies and cultures and need for space is predicted to be one of the major driving forces for the same. A demand for plots has been in the range of 900 sq.ft to 1800 sq.ft has been noted. Other factors that have contributed to this demand include the reduction in premium charges and stamp duty in the real estate sector across states.

With the revival in the demand for plotted development, a number of well-known real estate developers have ventured into the plotting business. Unlike earlier decades, where owners of vast tracts of open land would plot their land and sell them as individual units, with several big developers joining the bandwagon, gated plot communities are booming in the business.

Medchal, Adibatla, Ghatkesar, Shankarpalli, Patancheru, Tukkuguda, Maheshwaram and Shadnagar are today amongst the top locations in Hyderabad for investments. The growth prospects in the vicinities of these regions have made them the hotspots for residential markets today.

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Property Value in Telangana on the rise!

Telangana has suddenly become a superstar of sorts and investors, homebuyers alike are interested to invest in this hot destination. Why this popularity all of a sudden? The state government recently announced a hike in property prices by 25-50%. While the values of residential apartments have been increased by 25%, the agricultural lands and plots are bound to witness an uptick of 50% in their price. This price rise is expected to bridge the gap between the open market rates and the registration rates fixed by the government. So, is this good news or bad news? This article would explore the details.

The Current Status – In Numbers

The decision to hike the property rates would significantly impact the real estate industry, especially in and around Hyderabad’s vicinity. For instance, the market prices at Shankarpally have been increased by 40% to INR 2,800 per square yard. In micro-markets such as the Kondapur-Gachibowli region, the prices have been hiked from INR 14,000 per square yard to INR 26,000 square yards. Similarly, in Kokapet, the current price is now fixed at INR 14,400 per square yard, previously which was at INR 10,000 per square yard. The highest price was witnessed at Puppalguda at 50% with new market prices fixed at INR 21,000 per square yard.

In comparison to the last year, housing prices in Hyderabad have spiked by 7%. After average-price appreciation, Hyderabad is now currently the second-most expensive housing market after Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). There’s no surprise that the reason behind the property price rise is the pandemic. It is the primary reason why the cost of construction materials has gone up and has impeded the supply chain process.

The Future Scenario

As of now, the trend seems to be picking up in the real estate fraternity and most real estate developers are making hay while the sun is shining. The officials of Telangana have further divided these properties into three crucial segments to decide the extent of the hike. All property price revisions have been implemented based on this model.

The real estate developers in Telangana are still anxious about this decision as it arrived after the recent rise in stamp duty charges. Recently, the stamp duty was increased from 6% to 7.5%. The state is now expecting to double its revenue from registrations of properties.

This might be a welcome move to the real estate developers, but the homebuyers need to bear the brunt of the price rise whatsoever. While the recent festive season had a visible impact on demand as well as supply, Hyderabad has been witnessing a rather moderate yet positive change in the Hyderabad housing market. Hoping that the economy settles in, and provides buyers with higher job security, the recovery process in the real estate sector might gather more momentum in the coming year.

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MNCs have a sweet tooth for land parcels in Hyderabad!

Investment scenes in the Land of the Nawabs are seeing a sudden uptick. Hyderabad has once again become the hotspot for investors and the trend is set to go upwards in the future. Though the second and third waves impacted the real estate industry, along with other industries, the businesses have bounced back and how! They have been recovering from the losses and making it up with a phenomenal speed. The investment in the pharma sector especially is getting much notice as compared to other industries in Hyderabad. Why is that? The article sheds some light on the reason why companies have suddenly gotten a sweet tooth for land parcels in Hyderabad.

Prescription for Growth

The pharmaceutical industry in India has witnessed a double-digit growth of about 15% last year, thanks to the increasing demand for COVID-19 products. This has resulted in pharma companies looking to expand their business and set up new facilities.

That has given rise to the growing demand for agricultural land and the prices have gone up by 40-80% in the last couple of years, while residential plots in the core areas have seen an upward trend of 50% price appreciation. However, even the government auction has seen interest from pharmaceutical companies. Hyderabad has also witnessed some of the big pharma players investing in setting up research and development units.

A Window of Opportunity

Tech-giant, Microsoft recently made rounds in the news for planning to establish its largest and fourth data centre in India at Hyderabad. An investment worth INR 15,000 crore that would span across 15 years, has been proposed.

While the investment in the data centre is worth INR 15,000 crore, the company has acquired three land parcels worth INR 275 crore. The land parcel acquired in Makeguda is about 22 acres and INR 40 crore, 41 acres in Shadnagar worth INR 164 crore, and 52 acres in Chandenvelly worth INR 72 crore.

The new data centre in Hyderabad is set to deliver advanced data security and cloud solutions to boost enterprises, startups, real estate developers, the education sector and government institutions.

In recent news, in the state of Telangana, which was affected by the pandemic, the government decided to auction unutilized land parcels and mobilize funds for the development of the state. Telangana had lost about INR 50,000 crore in the first wave and another INR 3,000 to 4,000 crore in the second wave along with pending arrears from the centre.

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