How has the second wave impacted property pricing?

With no real conclusion in the sight, the second wave has shaken the entire nation along with the administration. The economy of the country is being affected by the second wave and the impact of the second wave of Covid-19 has been more devastating than the first, bringing severe repercussions on the healthcare system and halting the process of recovery. With the intention of curtailing the cases, there have been localized lockdowns across most of the top cities including Hyderabad and the economic activities and demand have slowed down simultaneously affecting site visits and, therefore, sales. Unlike the last year, people are wary of going out at the current time and have avoided it to the maximum extent.

Real estate market scenario during lockdown

The Indian real estate sector is now a buyers’ market and has staged an impressive growth in 2021 but the second wave of coronavirus has imbued uncertainty and affecting the pace, resulting in a temporary pause, but the real estate sector is better prepared now and well-versed with the know-how of a pandemic and developers have been banking on digital tools and platforms. They are focusing on virtual tours and digitally-enabled marketing activities in an attempt to control the overall impact. The rapid vaccination drives have also been boosting confidence and the impact on the real-estate sector would be controlled. There is a strong potential that the real estate sector will resume its growth from the second quarter of FY 2021 and could see a steady flow of investments that will ensure growth opportunities with higher returns. The halt will be short-term and the confidence of the people will return as soon as the COVID-19 curve gets slowed. The pandemic, however, has made one thing crystal clear, that it is time to plan for the short term instead of the long term because of the blanket of uncertainty that surrounds the market.

Impact of COVID-19 on property prices

Real estate prices in some of the megacities of India have witnessed significant correction. This present scenario provides investors and buyers with an opportunity to put their money in residential real estate at a low price point. Since it is quite unlikely that the prices may undergo any further correction, this proves to be an ideal opportunity for buyers. The home loan interest rates also are at record low levels currently and housing finance is additionally available to buyers and investors at comparatively affordable prices. Some of the transactions and deals could be placed on hold due to obvious reasons. Though this is unlikely to impact the real estate sector in the long run. It is also speculated the last quarters of 2021 could be subject to inflation and during this time, a real estate investment can protect you as real estate performs well during inflation, therefore there couldn’t be a better time to invest.

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