3 mistakes to avoid while buying a plot

3 mistakes to avoid while buying a plot

Buying a plot is one of the most important decisions that we make in our lifetime, as it involves careful consideration of a wide range of factors. Investing in land has several benefits which can be experienced in the short-term and the long-term as well. As Hyderabad grows and expands its boundaries, the city’s outskirts promise numerous opportunities for procuring your very own residential plot. But one has to ensure that they avoid these 3 very critical mistakes while buying a plot to avoid disappointment and regret in the future.

Choosing the wrong location to save money:

Doing adequate research while looking for a residential plot to buy is extremely important. After all, investing in land is an endeavour towards securing a prosperous future. Plotting projects can be situated across the state in a variety of locations. Some locations may feature plotting projects that cost much less than other location that popular and highly desirable. You need to zero down on a location keeping in mind factors like excellent civic infrastructure, proximity to local transport alternatives such as trains or buses, and scope for development in the future. It’s factors like these that decide the appreciation of your plot and the returns that you get in the future.

Buying a plot from an unreliable source:

Once you have decided upon a location that is the most suitable for you, the next important task is to look for a reliable and trusted developer that has clear title residential open plots for sale. This is very important because with a trusted developer of plots, you can rest assured that you will not become the target of fraudulent land selling practices. Another major reason why you should only prefer a trusted plotting property developer is the documentation. Without transparent and clear documentation, your plot may be vulnerable to a deceitful sale that may further result in tedious legal hassles.

Choosing a plot without the government approved layout:

The recent amendments made by the Telangana government are a boon to prospective plot buyers as they effectively streamline the process and reduce the possibility of a spurious land sale. Additionally, the new reforms are much stricter on the aspect of government approved layout. That’s why its essential to choose a plotting project that offers a HDMA approved or DTCP approved layout, depending on the area and locality. This ensures that your plot will be properly demarcated and will have the necessary infrastructure for facilities like water, electricity and so on.

TMR Group has a rich legacy of land development in Hyderabad, with 16 years of core expertise in plotting projects. A trusted plots developer with a long history of customer satisfaction, TMR only offers clear title gated community open residential plots for sale. The plotting projects are built on thoughtfully chosen locations across Hyderabad and Telangana to increase the potential for high returns on affordable investment. Furthermore, TMR Group is among the few leading developers that always offer plots with transparent documentation and government approved layouts. Choose TMR Group to secure your future with the right investment in land!

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