Amendments made by Telangana government on illegal plot layout are a boon to plot buyers

Amendments made by Telangana government on illegal plot layout are a boon to plot buyers

Hyderabad has been an important city of India, historically, culturally and commercially as well. The wide range of opportunities that one can experience in the cyber-capital of the country are limitless. As such, the city attracts individuals from not just the state but also the entire country who come here to work as well as settle down. While the main areas of the city are now getting congested due to widespread development, the outskirts are showing great promise in terms of land availability, prices and long-term value.

We all harbour hopes of owning piece of land that we can call home and retreat into during our twilight years. Owning land brings with itself numerous advantages as an asset. Land ownership promises great returns in the future, but investing in land also comes with its own set of challenges. Merely owning any piece of land is not enough. For better returns and complete satisfaction, it is essential that you own 100% clear title gated community open plots created by reputed and trusted developers.

While fraudulent practices had by and large given a bad name to the practice of buying plots, the amendments done by Telangana government are a ray of sunshine for buyers that are looking forward to investing in plots. Look out for these two important factors that will protect your interests as a plot buyer and owner:

Government approved layout:

The thing to note is that in case of municipalities and municipal corporations in HMDA limits, the HMDA will regularise the plots and in case of other municipalities and corporations in other areas, the Director of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) will regularise but the applications have to be submitted to the respective civic bodies. Under the 2019 Municipalities Act, the authorities are entitled to ask the registration department to not register open plots in illegal layouts. That is why you, as a buyer must always opt for clear title open plots from developers who only build according to the government approved layout. Trusted developers such as TMR Group provide complete transparency and develop only according the HDMA approved layout.

Clear documentation

The Telangana Government has recently taken a major step towards stopping the sale of properties without necessary approvals. This means that before purchasing a residential plot, you must take into consideration the background and history of the builder, verify all the documents and find out if the land is under any litigation issues or not. As discussed earlier, Layout Compliance is extremely important as well so transparent documentation and a legacy of customer satisfaction is necessary while choosing the right plotting developer. You need to ensure that you have the right 7/12 extract.  The 7/12 extract is important because it serves as a proof of the land title. It can be used to check any previous conflicts associated with the property. This is another reason why buying a plot from a reliable plotting project developer instead of an individual is more advisable as it simplifies the process and smoothens out the hassles in documentation.

If you are looking forward to invest in land in Hyderabad & Telangana, TMR Group can help you achieve your goals of prosperity with the best plotting projects. Rooted in 16 years of trust, transparency and ultimate customer satisfaction, our projects have helped our ever-growing customer base enjoy amazing returns on affordable investment. With RERA & HDMA Approved projects featuring DTCP Approved Layout, our fully clear title plots at prime locations in Hyderabad & Telangana are your opportunity to rise with your land, your prosperity.

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