Digital Land Survey in Hyderabad

Digital Land Survey in Hyderabad

Unresolved and decades-old land disputes on ownership have been crowding before the government and in courts. To make Telangana a land disputes-free state, the Telangana government is all set to launch its pet project – ‘Digital Land Survey’ from July in the state with a primary motive to fix the land coordinates and thereby provide total security and protection to legal owners of the land by using high-end technology that is being used by Australia and some European countries to generate 100 percent tamper-proof land records. The government of Telangana has sanctioned INR 400 crore for the execution of this project. The land survey initiative is part of a portal launched to maintain integrated land records for agriculture and non-agricultural lands and ensure transparency in the registration process.

Evolution of Land Survey Techniques

During this digital survey, every inch of land would be measured and boundaries will be fixed to avoid land-related disputes in the future and the government would allot latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates and create geo-coordinates. After completion of the survey, the land records would be tamper-proof and it is predicted that it would take at least one year to complete the survey. The government is conducting frequent talks with private agencies which have expertise in the conduct of digital land surveys at the international level and plan to launch a pilot survey and based on the outcome of the pilot survey, the digital surveys will be extended later to the entire state. After the successful completion of the digital survey of agricultural lands, the survey will be undertaken in all urban areas to improve the security of land ownership.

How the digital land survey in Telangana can boost development?

Total digitization of the land records eliminates land disputes and will lead to transparency in the land ownership records. Here’s how it will boost the development:

  • Transparent land record management
  • A single platform to handle land records that includes maintenance and updating of maps, surveys, and registration of properties
  • Hassle-free online approvals of plans and occupancy certificates
  • Clarity over ownership status
  • Greater ease of doing business in the sector, by simplifying it for the developers and buyers
  • Easy and flawless checks on the authenticity of the land or the property

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