How is GHMC different from HMDA?

The real estate sector is one of the prime growth drivers of our economy and a key contributor to its GDP growth. The tremendous growth in the real estate sector has increased the demand for strict implementation of regulations to safeguard stakeholders’ interests and bring a sense of transparency to the sector. To bring about systematic changes in the real estate sector and make it more organized and regulated, the government decided to implement a regulatory framework along with well-defined policies. This strong framework minimizes the chances of fraudulent deals and sure crystal-clear transactions while protecting the interests of the buyer.

Implementation of these numerous regulations was made to substantiate the government’s motive to bring about economic reforms in the country through alleviation of poverty by providing affordable housing to economically weaker sections of society. Hyderabad is amongst the fastest growing metropolitan cities in India and it becomes quite difficult for us to understand the governing of such a vast city. If we take a closer look at the authorities that are present in the city, we stumble upon two major regulatory bodies- The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA).

What is GHMC & how does it operate?

GHMC stands for “Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation” which was formed in 2007 by merging “Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad” with 12 other municipalities to form GHMC in 2007. MCH was initially responsible for the maintenance of streets, laying roads, public health, sanitation, etc. The functions and duties of both the bodies remained the same, but the area under jurisdiction is a lot more for GHMC. The main intention for the formation of GHMC was to provide better facilities in and around the city of Hyderabad and boost the development of the state.

The responsibilities of GHMC are as follows:

  • Urban development and planning of new areas
  • Garbage disposal and maintain the cleanliness of streets
  • Maintenance and development of roads, streets, and flyovers
  • Public Municipal Schools
  • Availing street lighting and maintenance
  • Maintenance of open spaces and public parks
  • Registration of births and deaths
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Tax collection

What is HMDA & how does it operate?

HMDA is an urban, high-power planning body formed in 2008 by merging the existing regulatory bodies. It was created to plan, coordinate, supervise, promote and secure the planned development of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region. It coordinates the development activities of the Municipal Corporations, municipalities, and other local authorities. It is the second-largest urban development area in India. It is chaired by the Chief Minister of Telangana. Approval from HMDA guarantees infrastructural development and one must take approval before the initiation of the project.

The functions of HMDA are as follows:

  • Approvals of land utilization for various purposes
  • Approvals of architectural layouts and building options
  • Preparation of master plan for areas under its jurisdiction
  • Proposal and execution of urban development projects directly or through local authorities

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