How Technology Has Helped Minimize COVID-19 Spread in Gated Communities

In recent times, the pandemic has been surging and peaking across India and numerous cities have already started preparing for the potential third wave in spite of the existing lockdowns. There has been a major emphasis on getting vaccinated all across the news platforms and media and while there is slight control in the cities, the cases in the rural areas are reaching new heights on a day-to-day basis and due to poor infrastructure, the scenario could turn worse.

Along with the waves of the virus came to a wave of change and the definition of normal has changed in the dictionaries of many people and the only thing keeping us up with this change is the advancement of technology to guide us through this bleak time.

Significance of technology during COVID

Just imagine if COVID-19 had appeared on earth before the inception of the internet. It is a hypothetical situation that has the potential to send chills down your spine. Technology is the unstated reason why pandemic has been in control; may it be the technological advancements in medicine or the advancements in the aspect of the internet and digital platforms. During the first lockdown of the pandemic, the uncertainty of the situation had reached the minds of the public, but due to the advancements in technology and adapting to the situation, many jobs are taking place online on ICS (Interactive Communication Software).

Technology has answered all problems during this period of the pandemic and the entire world has gone digital. Online consultations have helped counter the requirement of physical presence. AI and high-performance computing have accelerated research into understanding the virus and developing targeted therapeutics to treat infection and stop transmission. Automated customer service definitely came in handy due to the implementation of physical distancing all over the world. Even while adapting to the pandemic scenario, public officials consider technology’s role and still seek opportunities to supplement and improve on traditional approaches. Online portals for vaccination have also smoothened the procedure. While there is still scope for improvement, the pandemic has highlighted technology’s importance to public health security and has definitely led to sharp improvements overall.

Technology as the key to minimizing the COVID spread in gated communities

Gated communities have access to all essentials that avoid the need for travelling to public spaces.

  • Improvement in technology has resulted in the provision of contact-less deliveries and online payments have countered the need for cash payments
  • Computerized temperature monitoring helps control the chance of infections
  • Remote working plays a significant role in the control of cases
  • Increased transparency due to the total digitization of the world
  • Innovative mobile contact tracing apps like Aarogya Setu that preserve patient privacy and civil liberties in response to public concerns while indicating the average number of infections around you have created new opportunities for privacy-sensitive technologies that aid efforts to prevent and control outbreaks
  • Management of domestic help with thorough health, checks reduce the possibility of spread
  • A total screening takes place before letting any visitors enter with the aid of thermal scanning and oxygen readings

At TMR Group, we believe that technology is what keeps the world up and running these days. Though the threats and challenges pertaining to technology are aplenty, so are the advantages and strengths. With the lockdown still in effect, TMR Group intends to spread awareness on health and safety of the people first. If you wish to know more about who we are and what we do, visit now.

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