Mental & Physical Wellness During WFH!

Home has always been a sanctuary, the place that keeps you separated from the rest of the world. It has its own comfort and there is a certain way you feel and be at your home but what happens when your home becomes your workplace? Well, nothing pretty…One of the several changes brought along by the pandemic was the sudden shift of “Work at Office” to “Work from Home”. Initially, the work from home jobs was replete with challenges but over this year, many have adapted to the changes and have learned to work efficiently while keeping their mental and physical health intact and with strict lockdowns imposed in most cities including Hyderabad yet again, taking care of your mental and physical wellness while working from home is of the utmost importance.

Why is physical & mental wellness necessary during WFH?

Working alone at home, in spite of protecting you from the pandemic and increasing the the overall productivity of different jobs due to extra time spent working without many distractions can have underlying effects on your health without you actually realizing what they are. With constant sitting around in one place, it can get boring and exhausting for your mind and body but it is necessary to keep a positive attitude towards the work and as well as your schedule to ensure good mental and physical wellness. The feelings of isolation and lack of motivation can be prime challenges that come your way and it should be countered appropriately and you must exit the loop of work from time to time to deal with the problems of working remotely.

Tips to stay healthy & fit at home
  • To begin with, create a routine for yourself and follow it sincerely
  • Add a workout slot in your convenient time and sweat it out
  • Eat healthy and try new food frequently
  • Avoid repeating your clothes to create a sense of anew
  • Interact more with your peers and avoid social media
  • Make a comfortable and separated workspace to maximize your productivity
  • Practice meditation or pick up a hobby in any free time you have
  • Wake up early and don’t sit for a long period of time
  • End your working day in a balanced way
  • Bring a positive attitude about the situation as there are not many things that can be done anyway other than staying and working from home

At TMR Group, it’s not just about the business we are into, but it’s also about the people behind it. We ensure that the health of our customers, our employees, and our stakeholders take the topmost spot which will consequentially improve the health of the organization. Let’s take this time to sit back & relax for a while and allow wellness to heal us. To have a look at what we do on a regular basis, you can visit and still schedule a virtual site visit. We would be more than happy to welcome you with all safety measures in place.