Why monsoon is the ideal time to invest?

Why monsoon is the ideal time to invest?

Hyderabad has been the face of dynamic developments in the real estate sector for over a decade now, owing to the adjacent developments in the other sectors of the economy. Hyderabad has emerged as the second-largest IT sector and is home to the second-largest number of SEZs in India that has led a series of global recognitions which led to large-scale development in and around the city of Hyderabad. The infrastructure and roads in Hyderabad are flawlessly built to accommodate the heavy inflow of migrations that aim to build their future in Hyderabad. This in turn has improved the potential for real estate developments in the city due to a steadily rising demand owing to the rising job opportunities in and around the city. In spite of the second wave, the impact on the real estate sector was quite controlled. Monsoons are the most beautiful time of the year. It enhances the natural beauty of your surroundings while triggering nostalgic emotions all around. Let’s see why the monsoon is also the most beautiful time to invest in real estate.

Investing During Monsoons

Monsoons pose as the right time to start looking for real estate options as most people don’t realize the advantages of buying a home or land to invest in during these times.

  • People generally try and make big investments during the festival seasons that are followed by the monsoons making it a great time
  • The demand for properties tends to take a dip during monsoons that leads to more affordable prices and offers
  • Monsoons act as a reality check on the property you are interested to invest in and can tell you all about the quality of development, bringing you additional clarity about your decision
  • Apart from discounts on properties, the rate of interest on bank loans takes a dip too due to the lean season
  • Monsoon gives you a chance to inspect the quality of roads leading up to the project and the sewage system accommodated in the project

Challenges of investing during monsoons

  • While the rains reveal a lot of things about the property, it could change your mind about the property you like
  • If the roads leading to your potential property are flooded due to rains can affect your decision making
  • Indians avoid purchasing new things during Shraadhs (Pitrupaksh/Paksh Maas) and if you like a property, you will not be able to go ahead with the purchase for a month until the auspicious day
  • Travelling to far off locations can be bothersome during the rains

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